Maximize app window by double clicking title bar


I would like to request a tiny feature, maximize the app window with double-clicking title bar.

I’ve read the related post and understood it’s not a bug, so I’ll post it as a new feature request.

Yes, I know option + click zoom button could do this, but I don’t like it…zoom button is too small for me :sweat:

And yes, I can do this by key board shortcut too, but…

I’m often dragging round Inkdrop window between multiple monitors. That’s the main reason that I want to have this feature.

Move the window by dragging title bar and maximize it by double-clicking seems to be a seamless operation (at least for me).

Drag Inkdrop from main to sub monitor and maximize (not full screen, I don’t like this :sweat:), sometimes from sub to main, and so on. That’s repetitive task for me.

Thanks for reading,

Hi Isao-san,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand you want that feature but it would depend on your personal preference.
You can tweak UI behaviors by creating the init file.
You need a basic JS development experience for that but please try it instead.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

I see, I’ll try as you mentioned.

Thank you,