Math is important, build it into the App 😁

Hi Takuya

As a researcher/student, I very much like the nice organisation, layout and simplicity of your app.
I asked for a educational discount and now I’m giving it a try!
However, one big concern I have is the math (latex) feature included as plugin.
To me, and I think to many other students, math is super important and right now a missing feature in the mobile app.
I think the feature is so substantial that it should be built into the app and shouldn’t be a plugin, therefore the gap between mobile version and desktop version could be bridged a bit.
I know this approach of building plugins into the mobile version is something you mentioned on the roadmap, but due to how important the feature probably is to many people, it would be cool if you could give it a try with the math plugin with higher priority.

What do other people think about this?

I’ve seen similar features from StackEdit which, I think, also uses KaTeX in a web-based environment and it also works on Android/iOS.
Right now I already miss the feature very much and I’m not sure if I would/could live without this…

Thanks a lot for consideration.
Keep up the great work. Your app is awesome in every other aspect!

Hi Philipp,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand math support on mobile would be great for some people.
However, the app basically must keep the compatibility with Markdown. Math and other plugins will break it. So they should not be built-in features. This is the app’s rule. StackEdit is awesome but you can’t use notes written with it on other places like GitHub. That causes a lock-in.
I’ve written about my thoughts on the plugin support on the mobile app here:

It will be considered on the next roadmap. Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts!

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Inkdrop now supports math and other plugins that extend the Markdown renderer: