Markmap nor plantuml pluggin wont work properly

Hello here,

Kinda news to Inkdrop, but i really enjoy it. I like to use mindmap to render some stuff and looks like there is two pluggin down here which could help me do that in inkdrop that would be awesome… but neither are working correcly here

plantuml : can’t render stuff (red message telling that plantuml cannot be rendered)

markmap : almost work but i can only see the half bottom of the mindmap, this seems to be “centered” at the top of the rendering windows so… can’t see the upper part of the map…

I hope someone will help me get one or the other working (tho seems the mindmap of the 2nd looks nicer to present)

Thanks in advance for help ! :slight_smile:

Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for the question.
Markmap and PlantUML plugins are developed by the community, not by me.
So, would you mind reporting them to those authors?

Using the portable version (???) of inkdrop resolved the issue on markmap so it’s all good for me