Markdeep Rendering

Love the application. I wanted to know if it would be possible to add Markdeep [0] as an alternate renderer? Took a look at Remark and your API and it seems feasible with the caveat that markdeep renders wouldn’t have plug-in support.


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the suggestion.
As the app deeply depends on remark, I’m afraid to say no.
Supporting custom markdown renderer would make the app complicated.
I would like to keep it simple and clean.

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like the application but have two issues. One which is more about your quote and the other I would like to takle here .


just a huge and critical problem with markdeep and Inkdrop… That you do not support it, is ok for me, but markdeep is rendered as html and devonthink renders it nicely simply by creating a formatted html note as note format. But, what’s is really annoying, is that simply by pasting the attached code into inkdrop crashes the app!! To my knowledge no virus in the code, just plain markdeep code taken from official markdeep website.

I’m currently evaluating Inkdrop as replacement for quiver and gist app and tested markdeep support before knowing you don’t support it. But, this same code does not crashes boostnote which is also an electron-based app.

What I observe

Boostnote is rendering partially correctly the markdeep format but Inkdrop is simply failing completely, first by crashing (closing) the app and then when reopening it Inkdrop is a complete white canvas.

I would really welcome if you could really check it soon as the link is only valid for 24h sorry. Naturely, I can provide new links to download the test file

Here the file Firefox send link vali for 24h from now on

Platform and Reproduce Steps

macOS mojave, inkdrop (demo) 4.0.0., file is provided as gzip file

  • to reproduce simply paste the file as new note …

The demo app is kind of old.
Can you please try the latest version?
I checked that it didn’t cause a blank screen with your file.

@craftzdog thanks for your replyand the provided file … I just tested the version you provide me and unfortunately it seems not to solve the issue as you can see in the attached screenshot. LINK to screenshot

step to reproduce

I used pbcopy < file then pasted the content in a new note .

still macOS mojave and Inkdrop 4.3.4

The problem is that I cannot revert it back and if it was not a demo would perhaps loose access to my notes… :frowning_face:


  • importing the file in Windows and macOS seems to provide a better experience i.e. does not crash the app as the pbcopy method.

That’s because the file includes the following inline stylesheet:

<style class="fallback">body{visibility:hidden;}</style>

The body is simply hidden by this CSS.
You have to remove that with Developer Tools from menu.
It is not a bug.

I understand but as said Boostnote which also use the electron framework does not react the same way, I was only concerned that if I import or paste code such as this one it could impact all my notes and I would have no way to get back to them since the UI is blank and as a user I do not have access to the notes to correct the problem …

So let’s assume I have 300 notes, pasted now some pathological code into a new note and the app becomes blank. How can I correct the issue since I have no direct access to the notes?

Inkdrop supports inline CSS that allows you to customize how your notes are rendered.
You have to be careful to import any HTML files that may include such unintended code.
This is a feature.

Again, look at the CSS. body{visibility:hidden;} simply hides body element of the browser window. That causes the window blank. You can remove the stylesheet from Developer Tools. And then, remove the line from your note.

You are right, the issue also may happen on other people. The inline CSS should be scoped inside the editor.
I’ll fix it in the next version.