Manual order for Notebooks and notes

Hi @craftzdog
I wonder if there is any possibility to implement manual order/sort for notebooks and notes.

Currently, I’ve to use numbers to have a slight sense of control. The worst is a notebook I named Z9 - Personal just to make sure it’s the last notebook as I had to number other notebooks to be on the top.

Even in numbered notes, I have to make sure to write 2 digit number to keep the correct order

so I have to do it this way


Here is how the notebooks look


I would really appreciate if manual order is implemented


Hi King,

Thank you for the suggestion as always.
I’d like to know why you need manual order for notebooks and notes.
Maybe I think it’s a usage issue rather than the app design.
Because I think manual order is for wiki-like purposes.
Inkdrop is basically designed for note-taking, not for writing documents or things like that.
It would, of course, be nice to write various things with it though, it can’t be perfect for everything.
Personally, I don’t need to sort notes or notebooks manually for my daily note-taking.
Notebooks should be organized in a structured way.
They should not be like a long list like you have to sort manually.
That’s why Inkdrop supports nested notebooks.
That’s my perspective.

On top of that, the features that I don’t use tend to be broken.
If I added them, left them, then they will be soon broken by other changes.
So, I have to carefully understand and agree with why you need them.
I’m afraid to say no at the moment.

Hi @craftzdog
I take notes and documentation for:

  • Work projects managements and tracking
  • Training courses summarization which needs to order my notes per modules and chapters and its topics
  • My technical documentations
    • There are many notes are ordered based on its topics

To circumvolve this issue, I had to put numbers in each title to force sort by title A-Z

I wish I can take a screenshot but it’s going to expose too much.

Side notes: I’ve been using markdown for sefl-documentations and other porpuses for more than 10 years now. Markdown notes always turn to documentation. If it’s just about taking simple notes, then most people won’t need all the great features in Inkdrop or its community plugins.

I understand that you are trying to keep it as simple as possible for maintainability and expandability, which totally makes sense.

Thank you

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Thank you for the explanation! Happy to know how you use it.

  • There are many notes are ordered based on its topics

You can also change the order by modifying the created date time here:

Hope it helps a bit with your use-case.

Manual ordering sounds useful but I don’t think it solves the issue in my experience because it takes time to manage notes.
Maybe you don’t agree with that, but the app should be an opinionated software instead of being as flexible as possible to please everyone.
Inkdrop has already a lot of features, and now the main big issue is performance as I wrote in the current roadmap.
I’m working hard to make it “just work without frictions” at the moment.
Last week, downloading images has been significantly improved. And the mobile app performance will be significantly improved as well soon.
I believe that those efforts will absolutely make the most existing users happy.

Thank you for your understanding!

Thanks man for taking the time to explain your point. I totally agree with that and I understand your point.
Yes, working on the performance and perfecting the exciting feature is more important.

I will continue using Inkdrop with all its great features, it’s absolutely worth it.

Meanwhile, let’s make inkdrop fast and less memory consumers together.


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