macOS hangs when logging in

Bug report

When I log in for the first time, the application freezes and the computer is forced to close.

Hello. This is the first time I’ve used the app, but as soon as I installed it, typed in my email address and password, and submitted it, the whole computer was force-quit.
Apple reports that it "terminated the system due to a problem.
Is this a known issue on the app side? Or is it a problem in my environment?


  • Platform: macOS on iMac 2017
  • Platform version: Big Sur 11.01
  • App Version: (4.3.0)?


Just downloaded it from the site and installed it…

Hi Nagata-san,

Thank you for reporting.
I tried to reproduce it but couldn’t. I successfully logged in with the client on macOS (Big Sur).
When you log in, it tries to store your credentials to your keychain.
If it was causing the problem, I guess it’s your system environment issue something like this:

If no, I have no idea why your system hangs when logging in.

Thanks for the reply.
After updating to 11.1, it no longer stops working immediately after login. I am getting the following report.

getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND Please check your system configuration or report the problem.

Oh, and now I can finally log in successfully.
The solution was quite simple: update the OS and reboot Inkdrop.
Thank you very much for your support!

Good to hear that! Looks like it was a macOS’s bug or something.