Macbook Menubar

I have this from previous version not only with beta test.

When I make the InkDrop fullscreen after a time later (I don’t know what affect this) the MacBook menubar being transparent.
This is normally when you turn on first

then turns like this.

It does not make a problem

Thank you for reporting it.
I couldn’t reproduce it but I guess it’s an Electron’s bug.
Maybe it will be fixed it in the future.
I will check if it is resolved when updated Electron version.

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Hi @craftzdog,

I am using the default dark theme a long time and I did not get any problem with MacBook bar issue but I just changed to vibrant-dark-ui I saw this transparent MacBook Menu bar.

It is not affect the when you work but might you want to see.

Hi Erdem,

Thanks for letting me know.
Currently some library block me from updating Electron to the latest due to NodeJS 12, but seems like they are working on it.

Hi Takuya again,

Thank you fast response.
I want to a quick second update. I started use a new terminal code Hyper and I saw this.

same issue!

so means it can be OS-X problem or might need some dark themes configurations.

Thanks again

I guess that’s because Hyper is also built with Electron :thinking:

Oh yes! that’s true.