Long bash codes lost syntax highlight in viewer mode

I started to use InkDrop today. I just found an issue when I moved MD content from Bear to InkDrop.


The codes I copied is a bash file with 600 lines. It shows syntax highlight correctly when in editor mode. But once changing to viewer mode, it loses syntax highlight.

This happens on both Mac and Android version.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the report.
I’m afraid that the app currently disables syntax highlight if the code block length is over 10,000 characters for performance reason.
Please split your code block.

Yes! After I split my codes into a few blocks, it works properly.

Thanks for the great app. I’ve been looking for a Bear replacement for 2 weeks since I changed my iPhone to an Android phone. Today I learned InkDrop name from an online discussion. Finally I think InkDrop might fill the role. Still using it…

Great! I hope you like it :wink: