List note under multiple notebooks

Hello @craftzdog and fellow inkdroppers :wave:

I have been looking for ways to better structure my personal knowledge base and there is one feature I found reading about another app. Allowing for a same note to be listed under multiple notebooks.

I realize this could very well be solved with tags, but I would like to keep the tree structure for my notes.

Would this feature be of use for anybody else?
Is it something that might be implemented down the line?


Hi Pina,

Thank you for the suggestion.
It seems to be nice but I don’t know what use-cases that would need to list the same note in multiple notebooks.
As I answered here for the similar feature request, notebooks are basically designed to behave like folders.
So, I’m afraid to say that the feature is not going to be planned at the moment.
BTW, I’m planning some improvements on how notebooks behave as I wrote in the next roadmap (draft) so please check it out!

It’s been supported in v5!

Hi Takuya! I would need this feature to work in a way that will allow me to have the note show on different notebook that is not a parent of the note.

My workflow is as follows:

  • I have projects with seperate notebooks.
  • I also have some knowledge in these projects, say Python or NodeJS that can and should also be listed in a General Purpose Tech as well as another notebook that might use that tech instructions.
  • By allowing me to put it on multiple notebooks, this will allow me to search for it when I am working on 2 projects that also use it.

You can collapse a parent notebook on the sidebar to see the sub-notes in the note list bar.
Please check out the manual here: