Linux / Snap / Permissions Keyring

Bug report

By default the rights to access the keyring is not set in the snap package on Linux.
This results in the inability to log in.

When I grant the permission for Inkdrop to access the keyring (for example via the Gnome / Ubuntu Software Center under permissions) it works and I’m able to login.


  • Platform: Ubuntu
  • Platform version: 20.04
  • App Version: stable

I’m not familiar with creating snap packages but I thing the password-manager-service slot should be connected by default (

Thank you in advance for having a look. I think inexperienced users won’t be able to figure this out by themselves.

Hi Marco,

Please take a look at the following topic as it is duplicate:

password-manager-service is not auto-connect for security reason.
You have to enable the service manually as it is mentioned in the documentation:

Thanks for the report.

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