Layout collapsed when clicking ToC link in preview mode

Bug report

As my topic said, these items disappeared and the editor area just went up.

  • right-header-note-menu
  • editor-title
  • mde-editor-toolbar


  • Platform: (Windows)
  • Platform version: (10)
  • App Version: (3.25.4)


Write the steps for others to reproduce issue here.

  1. Prepare a note with ToC

  2. Toggle to preview mode

  3. Click any link in ToC


Toggle preview mode and the layout will be back.

Hi Peilun,

Thank you for reporting it.
That’s weird but I remember that I have fixed the same issue before.
What is the TOC plugin version?
You can update it with ipm update command.

Hi Takuya,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

The ToC plugin is 2.0.4.
I had tried updating to the latest 3.0.0 to see whether it will fix the issue.
However 3.0.0 is not working with app 3.25.4 so I turned back to 2.0.4.

Here is my plug-ins.

Thanks for the information.
It seems like something is going wrong here.
However I confirmed that it works as expected on v4.0.0b with toc@3.0.0.
I’m currently working on preparing to release v4, so I would like you to wait for it to be released.
Thanks again!

Sure. I am looking forward to v4.0.0 upgrade :smile:


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