Launch Inkdrop on system start up

Hi, it’d be great if there was an option to start Inkdrop with system start-up.
Another thing I would like to see is that inkdrop remembers window size.
And lastly an option to keep Inkdrop minimized (and minimize on [close] as well)

Thank you,
thats all.

  • Daniel R.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Launching Inkdrop on startup would be nice to support. Which OS do you use? You can configure it in the system config like macOS:

Inkdrop already supports remembering the window size and position.
Launching the app with minimized would be hard to support.

Im using Windows currently, I solved it by moving Inkdrop shorcut to startup files folder in Windows.
Thanks for the fast reply.
I also noticed that it remembers windows size and position now. It just didnt the first few times I launched it.

Great! Thanks for letting me know. It saves the window state when quitting.