Last name is replace by email address in Profile tab

Hi, guys

Last name field seems to be setted by my email address and after I change it to my actual last name, I click on the next tab and then go back to the profile tab and Last Name field is setted with my email again!


Hi artigas,

Thank you for reporting it.
I checked your account and the last name is correct.
I guess it is not a bug but your browser’s autofill.
The HTML tag for last name is:

<input name="lastName" type="text" placeholder="Last Name" required="" value="YOUR LAST NAME">

For some reason your browser remembered the default value for this input field is your email address.
Please check if it also happens on other browser.

Hi, Takuya

This happened me with Opera browser on Windows, now I checked the Linux version and it seems fine!

Now it’s happening something different. With Firefox browser (Linux) I’m getting this:

The pointing class is rendered in the div:

<div class="ui secondary pointing large menu kGN4">

Maybe it’s my fault like the last one but I just want to help.

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Ah thanks! I’ll fix it.