Keyboard shortcuts for multiple cursors on Windows


I’m missing a doumentation about the keyboard shortcuts concerning multiple cursors/carets and text selection within the editor. I found (Windows):

  • Shift+Ctrl+Key up/down: sort of multiple cursor placement.
  • Alt+Mouse select: block select.

What I’m missing most is multi cursor/caret placing with mouse click (VS Code uses Alt+Mouse click for that).

Hi Nicolo,

Thank you for the question.
Ctrl + Mouse click doesn’t work on Windows?
Cmd + Mouse click works on macOS.

No it doesn’t work on Windows. After Ctrl + Mouse click the caret disappears:

Weird. How about Windows key?

I confirmed that Windows key works on my wife’s Windows laptop.
But it looks kind of annoying as it pops up start menu every time you hit Windows key.
I’ll look into it.

Weird. How about Windows key?

Windows + Mouse click works (but the start menu pops up).

I confirmed that Windows key works on my wife’s Windows laptop.

Strange. I have closed utility software (FastKeys e.g.) for excluding possible interference.

For your information: I have installed (the latest beta 5.2.0-beta.2) Inkdrop from Zip Archive and not Installer (Recommended).

What is strange is that ctrl + click works as expected on the CodeMirror’s website.
So, it could be a bug and I’ll fix it. Thanks!

I have installed Inkdrop Demo on another Windows computer. Same behaviour there.

Update: turns out that it was due to v8 snapshots. The CodeMirror instance always assumes that it is running on macOS regardless of platform.

Fixed in v5.2.1:raised_hands:
Thanks again for reporting!

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I’m a little confused as to what keyboard shortcut to use for multiple cursors in Inkdrop.
I was expecting Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down to work but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Should this be defined manually in the keymap file ?

Thanks !

In my experience (Windows 10):

  • Continuous cursors (without Mouse usage): Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down key.
  • Continuous cursors: Shift + Alt + Mouse vertical drag.
  • Explicit placed cursors: Ctrl + Mouse click's.

Thank you Nicolo!

I actually had conflicting keybindings with another app so Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down now works as expected.

How should I go about changing the keybinding from Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down to Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down though ? I can’t seem to find the associated command in the documentation. The CodeMirror documentation wasn’t much help either.

I understand I have to change the keybinding in the keymap.cson file but without the name of the command, I’m a little stuck.

OK, after a bit of digging I’ve managed to achieve what I wanted by adding this in keymap.cson:

  'ctrl-shift-up': false
  'ctrl-shift-down': false

  'ctrl-alt-up': 'editor:select-lines-upward'
  'ctrl-alt-down': 'editor:select-lines-downward'

This allows me to continue using ctrl-shift-up/down in my music streaming app since I disable it globally in Inkdrop and sets ctrl-alt-up/down to adding cursors up and down as it is in Visual Studio Code.

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