Keyboard shortcut: Focus "All Notes" in sidebar

Hello :slight_smile:

I tend to switch frequently between notes in different notebooks. Then using the mouse to click on “All Notes” in the top of the sidebar, and then selecting the note from the notelist bar (which is sorted by option “Sorted by: Date updated: New → Old”). I find this to be a good way to switch between notes I have recently edited in different notebooks.

I wonder if this can be made even more effcient using keyboard bindings (avoid having to use mouse) ?

  • Is there a keyboard shortcut to do the same as clicking on “All Notes” in the sidebar?

I found the following works in the sidebar:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+J : Move to next item in sidebar (downwards)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+K : Move to previous item in sidebar (upwards)

but they do not do exactly what I need. Also I thought that when having used CTRL+SHIFT+K to move to the top item “All Notes” I could press “tab” to move focus to the notelist bar, and then use arrows up and down to select the note to view from there ? But I cannot get that to work either.

Hi Hakon,

Thanks for the questions.

The command core:note-list-show-all-notes and core:sidebar-focus do that.

You can move the focus to the sidebar with core:sidebar-focus command, then select a notebook with arrow keys, then hit tab to move to the note list.