Keyboard Shelf Buttons on Mobile


I would like the indent/outdent buttons in the keyboard shelf to be positioned next to the undo/redo buttons — or somewhere near the left corner of the shelf — because there are no equivalent gestures or anything, and having them in a far right corner isn’t convenient.

Also, the task list toggle should be easier to reach because otherwise it takes 11 taps to set up the same view.

Better yet, make it available for users to reposition items in the keyboard shelf the way they like it, that’d be just perfect.

P.S. — it’s very nice that undo/redo buttons are already implemented, thanks!

Hi Name Space,

(I hope you set more meaningful name for your account…haha)

Thank you for the suggestion. Yeah, I understand it would be nice to support customizing the editor toolbar.
In the current roadmap (vol.5), I’m planning to rebuild the mobile editor.
Let me work on improving the toolbar after finishing it!

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