Key binding 'ctrl-shift-up' not working

Bug report

Inkdrop is new for me and I’m not sure if it’s a bug.
‘.CodeMirror textarea’:
‘ctrl-shift-up’: ‘editor:select-lines-upward’
This does not work on my Windows10 laptop.
No upward movement of a selected line. Downward neither.
ctrl-shift-up duplicates cursol.

Hi Kazutaka,

Thank you for the report.
I would like to know what you exactly want to do.
The behavior of editor:select-lines-upward is correct. It adds a cursor upward.

Hi Takuya,
Thank you for your support and, I’m so sorry, it’s just my misunderstanding and not a bug at all.
I just wanted to move a line with cursor upward or downward by some shortcut like ctrl-shift-up. Is it possible?
Anyway, Inkdrop is a kind of what I did not know that I needed very bad. It’s really appreciated.

I’m afraid that swapping line like Sublime Text is not currently supported.
I’ll consider planning to support it in the future.

Here is the sublime keybinding plugin: