Keep scroll at the bottom while typing on the last line

Bug report

The iPad app doesn’t auto-scroll as you type on the last line which means that I have to manually scroll the view just so I can see what I’m typing. The editor should automatically scroll to keep the cursor in view.


  • Platform: iPadOS
  • Platform version: 14.7.1
  • App Version: 4.2.0


Enter text into a note until you read the last vertical line before scroll.
Keep typing so a new line is created.
The editor doesn’t scroll to keep the cursor in view.

Hi Warrick,

Thank you for the report.
As I explained in the roadmap, I’m planning to rebuild the editor in native, which should fix the issue:

I’m closing it as duplicated.

Thanks @craftzdog. Sounds good. Only been using Inkdrop for about 3 weeks now and I’m sold. Great work.

Thanks for your understanding!