Jump to end of line

Pressing end moves the cursor to the end of line. That can also be a multi-line wrapped paragraph. Is there a keybinding which instead makes the cursor jump to the virtual line-break of the editor?


If you are on macOS, Cmd+Right should move the cursor to the line right, not end if it’s a multi-line wrapped paragraph.
On Windows and Linux, it is not enabled by default.
You can add a keymap to enable it as following:

'.CodeMirror textarea':
  '<key-combination>': 'editor:go-line-right'

The <key-combination> part would be something like ctrl-shift-right.
You can assign it as you like.
To learn more about the key customization, this documentation would be helpful: https://doc.inkdrop.info/manual/customizing-keybindings

Hope it helps :wink:

Works like a charm! :+1: