Issues with Encryption Key Management and Data Recovery

Hey all,

I have been facing some significant issues with the encryption key management feature in Inkdrop, and I’m hoping to get some help or guidance on resolving these problems.

Here is detail:

Error: Encryption Key Loss

Recently, I accidentally misplaced my encryption key. Without it, I am unable to access my encrypted notes. While I understand the importance of security, I am concerned about the lack of a robust recovery mechanism in case of such incidents. Is there a way to securely recover or reset the encryption key without losing access to my data?

When I was searching about this error, I came across to these resources Troubleshooting - Inkdrop User Manual, MuleSoft API, as per them I tried the following Misplace or delete the encryption key, Attempt to access encrypted notes, Observe synchronization issues and inaccessible notes on different devices, Try to update or replace the encryption key through the current UI.

but none of these helped me. If anyone has a solution, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for my help… :blush:

I assume that by encryption key you mean your account password?

I’m not sure what “MuleSoft API” has to do with Inkdrop.

General information about recovering a lost password can be found here: Recover lost password - Inkdrop User Manual

If you have only lost the password, but the application is still installed and the data has already been synchronized once (so the problem here would only be the local authentication) you can try to extract the data directly from the local database. Salvage Data from Local Database - Inkdrop User Manual

You can then use the extracted data to create a new account and import the extracted data.

As the data on your hard disk is not encrypted, you can simply extract the data from there at any time. The data is only encrypted in the app for the transfer to the database. (E2E)
However, you would normally create backups using the integrated backup feature and store these backups accordingly (e.g. using the 3-2-1 rule) Data backup - Inkdrop User Manual

Error: Encryption Key Loss

There is no such error. I checked your account and found that you have never logged in from the app.
So, I don’t know what’s the problem. Because you don’t have any notes to lose with your account at the moment.