Issues running Android app on SailfishOS

  • Platform: Jolla SailfishOS
  • Device: Sony Xperia X
  • App Version: 2.2.0


I have an unusual mobile device running SailfishOS (linux) with an Android emulator. It’s a mature product and runs many Android apps with no issues. I am seeing one problem with InkDrop however. I can see the start of all of my notes in the list but when I try to view one it shows only the title and nothing more. There is also a UI issue with the Add buttons in the side bar, they keep flickering and the text disappears at random. Everything else is working including login and sync etc… I just can view the content of any notes in full, just the snippets.

Anything you can do to help would be awesome, I’d really love to dump Evernote and switch to InkDrop. I’m loving the desktop app. Runs very nicely on both Ubuntu and Mac machines.

I realise SailfishOS/Jolla users are a tiny market but I believe we overlap with your target market quite a lot, we’re mostly developers and we pay for our mobile OS. Check it out if I’ve got you interested,

Happy to help debug the issue as well, I can ssh in to my phone and pull logs etc… for you.

Regards, Chris.

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for the report.
I heard SailfishOS for the first time. So you are trying to run the mobile app on Android emulator on Linux?
The mobile app is built with React Native, so it should be a RN issue.
Can you please check if other RN apps can run on your environment?
And the editor is a webview. I guess why you got only title on the editor is that there are some problems on loading webview (Chrome component).

Jolla looks cool but I’m afraid that it’s basically built for usual Android phones - I can only fix problems that can reproduce on my android phones.
Hope that helps.


I’m using other apps written with React Native with no problems, including Facebook, Uber and Pinterest. I know the webView component is working with these apps which is why I hoped it is a small thing. I’ve tried searching for answers on the sailfish forums but there is nothing.


That’s weird but sorry, it’s too hard to support all device types alone.