Is there a keyboard shortcut to bring a note into focus?

I am trying to use Inkdrop from the keyboard as much as possible however I don’t seem to be able to find a keyboard command to bring the note into focus once I have selected it from the note list.

I need to bring the note into focus even though it appears in the note panel because sometimes a note can be longer then the available space in the panel and I would like to scroll through it using the arrow keys.

I am relatively new to Inkdrop so I am not sure if I am missing something. Here is my current workflow:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + F : to navigate to the note list

  • Type some text into the search field to find my note

  • UP/DOWN arrow keys to navigate through the note list

  • Then to put the note into focus one of two methods:

    1. TAB multiple times to get to note panel so I can scroll using arrow keys

    2. CTRL + E and then CTRL + E again (going to edit mode and then preview again brings note into focus)

I currently mostly use method (2) and sometimes (1) if I want to edit some of the note metadata. I was hoping that there might be a single keyboard shortcut to bring the currently selected note into focus. It’s not a huge issue but it would make quickly referencing notes a little bit quicker. Am I missing something or is this functionality not present?


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Hi Ryan,

Thank you for the question.
At the step 4, you can type just Enter key in the search text box to jump focus to the editor.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the quick response. I just tried that and it does bring me to the note but it also goes into editor mode. I would like for it to stay in preview mode as most of the the time I am using my notes for reference and not editing.

I’m afraid that it’s not currently supported.
You have to create a plugin to make that possible.
You can define a keymap that gives the focus on .mde-preview element.

Ok too bad :disappointed:. Thanks for looking into that for me. For now I will probably continue with the double CTRL + E and then if I ever have some spare time I will look into creating a plugin.

Keyboard support is essential for me, too. I have exactly the same requirement as the original poster. After searching for a note, I want to be able to scroll around it with the cursor keys. Please add a way to focus on the content area after searching.


Oh, v4 has already supported commands for doing exactly that.
Please take a look at the list of commands in the docs:


If the editor mode is 'edit' or 'side-by-side' , it focuses to the MDE. If the editor mode is 'preview' , it focuses to the preview pane.


Moves focus to the MDE.


Moves focus to the preview pane.

You can bind keys with those commands. See also how to customize keybindings.

editor:focus looks good. Why is it not in the list of default keybindings? I did look through that before asking my question here.

Also, if I want to add editor:focus to the keymap file keymap.cson: what would I use as selector? The docs do not mention that.

Because it is not bound with any keystroke by default.
Every command doesn’t always have a keybinding.
Some commands are called internally but not by key inputs.

The selector for editor:focus is 'body'.
Commands without selector are all bound with body.
I’ve omitted them but it seems to be unclear.
I’ll mention that in the docs. Thanks!

Thanks for the explanation. The following snippet in keymap.cson works for me. It allows me to switch from the search results to the editor by pressing CTRL+ENTER.

  'ctrl-enter': 'editor:focus'

This is something people need all the time. It should be part of the default keybindings.

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Okay, I’ll consider adding it. Thanks!


That is exactly what I was looking for! Since I have the chance, thanks for everything, you are a big inspiration for me and have helped me a lot with your youtube channel to progress in my coding journey.