Is possible to contribute to translating Inkdrop docs?

Questions about documentations

hi, I was wondering if there is plans to start translating Inkdrop docs to other languages or if the community is allowed to contribute by translating them to their native languages.

I translated SWC (the data fetching library) docs to Portuguese and was interested to know if it is a plan to start supporting docs in other languages for Inkdrop.

Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for the question. I’m happy to hear that.
However, I’m not planning to translate my app (and docs) into other languages.
Because it’s a paid app, people will expect me to provide user support in their languages by seeing the documentation in them.
English is my second language. So, it’s already kind of hard to give user support and maintain the documentation.
Even with your contribution, it sounds too hard.
Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts!