Is it possible to use Mac's Alfred Workflow to search the notes

Is it possible to use Mac’s Alfred Workflow to search the notes and jump to the selected? Just like evernote.


No. Inkdrop doesn’t support Alfred Workflow at the moment.


any progress on that? this would tremendously help my workflow and you @craftzdog stated in that you would try to made the search API available. This will help a lot and to search only in the title would be great, haven’t found the keyword yet, if it exits ?

Hi psu,

Yes I’m interested in adding support of the search API but the priority would be low as I’m currently focusing on the current roadmap.
I’ll be happy to consider it again when finished.


  • alfredから検索できる
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I don’t know if it’s possible but it’d be nice to be a plugin.

Alfred workflow is now available :tada:

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