Is it possible to have selective sync for notebooks in Inkdrop?

Hi, may I know is it possible to do selective notebook sync in InkDrop?

For example, I would like to have my Work notebook stay on my laptop and other notebooks such as the one I used to learn languages or diaries to sync across my laptop and mobile devices.
This is because my Work notebook has some sensitive information that I rather not want to put it online anyhow.

If it is not planning to support, is it possible to make a plugin out of it?
Not sure about this one so I thought could ask in here.

Nevertheless, kudos on the owner to make InkDrop, it is an awesome product that feels really nice to use!

Hi Pei,

Thank you for the question. I’m glad you like it.
I understand your concern about your sensitive information.
However, I’m afraid to say no - the selective sync is not supported or planned.
It is not possible to accomplish with plugins because it has to change the core sync logic.
If you don’t trust the Inkdrop server, you can set up your own CouchDB server yourself:

Ah I see, okay I will try this way out.
Thank you for the response!!

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