Inline math doesn't export with PDF on Linux

Bug report

I am exporting a note with inline equation with math plugin to pdf. It shows correctly in the preview, but in the pdf it does not show at all, it displays an empty line.
If you report an issue about a plugin, please check the author of the plugin:


  • Platform: (Ubuntu)
  • Platform version: (20.04)
  • App Version: (5.0.1)


  1. Create note with only: $O(bm)$
  2. Export as PDF
  3. PDF is empty

Hi Matej,

Thank you for reporting it.
Weird. It works fine on macOS but not on Linux.
Looks like exporting is not working for some reason.
I’ll look into it!

Fixed it.
Please try math@1.1.2

Thank you, it all works now!

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