Inkdrop working under ChromeOS

I’ve long wanted to use Inkdrop to keep track of work information as well as my typical home and hobby usage, but until now have been stopped by my work laptop which is a Google Pixelbook running ChromeOS.

As of v5.1.1, I was able to run Inkdrop under ‘Crostini’ - the Debian Linux based VM on Chromium. If you don’t have this enabled, you can get started by navigating to Settings, clicking on the little penguin “Linux (Beta)” and enabling it.

In order for Inkdrop to properly start and be usable, you will need to install at least two packages:

  1. gnome-keyring - Inkdrop uses this to store your login credentials and will error on launch without it. To install, type this in Terminal: sudo apt install gnome-keyring
  2. libxkbfile-dev - Inkdrop uses this to properly configure keyboard shortcuts, without it pressing TAB will bring up the Filter pop-up menu of the Notes list. To install, type this in Terminal: sudo apt install libxkbfile-dev

Note: there may be other requirements that my setup already had, but these were the two additional packages that I needed to install to get things working for me.

Please post a reply if this works for you, or if there are still issues - I may be able to point you in the right direction.


Thank you for putting this together!

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