Inkdrop web clipper

Bug report

Unable to install web-clipper via ipm
“No available version compatible with the installed Inkdrop version: 4.3.4”


Windows 10 1903, latest version of inkdrop


Unable to install web-clipper via ipm

Hi Erik,

Thank you for reporting.
I’m afraid that the plugin is not made by me but a user.
Please ask the author to update it on its GitHub repository.

Anyone have the author’s info?

I created a pull request to fix the web-clipper plugin.

The only issue I had during the migration to inkdrop 4 is changing the selected note in inkdrop?

I tried using the action but am not sure what parameters it requires:

Great work, andi!
If you would like to open an existing note, please use core:open-note command like so:

inkdrop.commands.dispatch(document.body, "core:open-note", {
  noteId: "note:uugSvPq5r",


Looks like the original author of the plugin is inactive now.
I’ve removed it from ipm, so could you publish it as a new owner please?

Sure, should be available now:


Cool! Thanks so much