Inkdrop Price Change

Hey Inkdroppers,

I’m writing to let you know that, effective February 5th, I will be increasing the price of Inkdrop from $4.9/month ($49.9/year) to $9.98/month ($99.8/year).
This will be the first price change in 7 years.
Let me explain why I’m making this change.


I don’t want to chase numbers but I do want to follow my heart and create what I want to use, read, and watch.
This approach works best with a smaller scale of supporters, not with tens of thousands of paying customers.
So, my project, Inkdrop, needed to make the pricing right.

I want to make Inkdrop better rather than bigger.

I am a non-VC-backed solo developer, focusing on making what I really want to use.
Inkdrop is mainly for those who are similar to me.

Maintaining a smaller scale allows me to keep focusing on what really matters.
I’d prefer to have a few thousand customers who really like my app rather than >10k broader customers.
Instead of spending my energy and money to pursue more and more users, I’d like to make the existing happy customers even happier by focusing on a specific niche, keeping things simple and clean.

I believe Inkdrop improves your productivity worth more than $10.

Thanks to your ongoing support, Inkdrop has continually improved since 2016.
Last year, I released a new version of the mobile app, completely rebuilt from scratch. It got a significant performance improvement and a sophisticated UI with multiple theme support.
Additionally, the desktop version now launches nearly 2x faster than before with a bunch of other improvements.
(Please check out the 2023 recap if you haven’t yet)

I think it’s time to update the pricing to reflect Inkdrop’s current value.
While I understand that financial situations vary, I prefer to keep the pricing straightforward to avoid frequent changes.

As an existing customer who’s ok with the pricing changes, you don’t have to do anything. Your next bill on or after February 5th, 2024, will be updated to the new amount and your existing credit card we have on file will be charged.

I want to motivate you through my app and content

As you may know, I started a YouTube channel called devaslife for marketing purposes, which unexpectedly got around 200k subscribers now, which is cool.
So many people said my videos inspired them.
While having a large audience is great, this channel is just part of the Inkdrop product.
I’d like to make this channel more helpful for the Inkdrop users.

I believe that my videos ‘motivate’ you, while Inkdrop helps you ‘act’, especially from the tech note-taking aspect.
By posting content where I learn and create things using Inkdrop, I hope to inspire and ignite your creativity.
This synergy of inspiration and action is the core value I strive to offer through both my app and content.
Because, learning, coding, and creating are often solitary endeavors.
My goal is for Inkdrop and devaslife to help you navigate and overcome these challenges.

So, I’m planning to make more videos on tech note-taking tips and how I actually use Inkdrop while coding this year, like the following videos that I made last year:

Creating high quality content is hard and time-consuming. Subscribing to Inkdrop would greatly help me keep going.

Thanks for your support, as always

Thanks for being a customer and supporting independent software.
I love you.
It means the world and I wish you the best for 2024!



I delved into my branding strategy on my YouTube channel:

The article version is also available here: