Inkdrop on e-reader?


I have been writing a lot recently outside of work on my laptop using InkDrop (2–3 hours per day). I’m also on my laptop for (at least) eight hours during the work day.

I’m beginning to feel a lot of eye strain but I want to keep the writing habit up.

Potential Solution

I have been investigating e-ink displays / ereaders as these might help ease the pain. The perfect solution would be a e-ink reader/tablet which can run InkDrop and can support either a wired or bluetooth physical keyboard.

I have done some research and some of the e-readers I have seen are supporting Android 6. I understand however that these do not have access to the Play Store.


  • Do you think there would be a way to install InkDrop on one of these devices?
  • Is there anyone else who has tried this setup? (e-ink device, physical keyboard, InkDrop)


One of the more promising devices I have looked at and is available in Europe:

If anyone has any other tips, please let me know!

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Hi Philip,

Thank you for the question.
Great to hear you are heavily using Inkdrop!
That’d be interesting to use Inkdrop on e-readers but I guess it’s hard to write notes on devices with e-ink display since their refresh rate is so slow.
I take notes a lot while reading books on Kindle and always feel like annoying because of its input issue.
That’s why e-readers are still basically designed for reading books/documents.