Inkdrop not updating to version 5.8

Bug report

I recently installed the app and subscribed to the trial version to consider moving away from Obsidian after so many months using it but I found out the app is not even updating to the latest version.


  • Platform: Windows 11
  • Platform version: 22H3 Pro with the latest OS patches installed
  • App Version: 5.7.0 (It keeps saying it is on the latest version)

How to reproduce

  1. I open the app and check the Help option from the hamburguer menu.
  2. I can see the app is on version 5.7.0 and when I click on Check for Update, it shows a pop up message saying “You are running the latest version”


Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for the report.
v5.8.0 is currently in beta. You have to be a paid user to try the beta versions.
After subscribing to the paid plan, you can download the beta version from this link.

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Thanks for the clarification Takuya! I will continue testing the app and migrate my Obsidian notes as they are far too many and will take me some time.
So far, this app is starting to amaze me since I can access my notes in all my devices (mobile and computers with different OS kind) even in offline mode with a blazing fast speed. Point won for this app since Obsidian takes ages to load even without any plugins.

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Happy to hear that you enjoy my app so far!
Yeah, the offline-first experience is important for such note apps.
I’ll keep focusing on the performance.