Inkdrop hangs with clipped wikipedia article

Bug report


  • Platform: Windows Pro 10 (latest)
  • Platform version: 21H2 OS Build 19044.22…
  • App Version: Inkdrop 5.5.1

How to reproduce

  1. Use Inkdrop Web Clipper extension and clip this full wikipedia article.
  2. Go to your Inkdrop windows desktop app to see the wikipedia article you just clipped.
  3. The page whole app becomes really slow.

I did the same test with the Joplin app.
There’s a difference in the markdown retrieved from joplin’s web clipper (doing a full markdown webpage capture) when compared with the one retrieved from Inkdrop web clipper.
If I paste the markdown from Joplin’s web clipper into an Inkdrop note, Inkdrop doesn’t hangs.
If I paste the markdown from Inkdrop’s web clipper into a Joplin note, Joplin hangs.

So there might be something in the article that is making both apps fail when using the markdown captured from Inkdrop web clipper extension.


Hi Patricio,

Thanks for the report. That’s interesting.
Is it possible to share the difference between Joplin’s and Inkdrop’s Markdown?