Inkdrop for Windows 10 layout breaks on fullscreen

Bug report

I was using Inkdrop then I pressed F11 to go Fullscreen and my screen got messed up, seems like the layers are cloned and they are overlaying themselves.

I do not use any plugin, only the default ones and the translucent effect.


  • Platform: Windows 10
  • Platform version: 10 Pro 21H2
  • App Version: 5.5.0

How to reproduce

To reproduce the setup I was using when the bug occurred, just press F11.

Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for the report. That’s weird.
What if using the default dark theme without the acrylic background effect?
Note that the acrylic background effect is experimental and not stable.

You’re right, I tested and it only happens when using acrylic background and scrolling over the document.

Thanks. If I got it to reproduce, I look into it. But maybe it will take time to fix.