Incomplete darkmode: White background when opening new windows

Bug report

Inkdrop darkmode is “incomplete”. I’m facing flashy white backgrounds when launching the app (loading circle), and every time I open a new window (e.g. preferences). I’m on dark mode on osx and use inkdrop at lower light. This issue is annoying for the eyes.

This is a similar problem to the “blank” page in web browsers. I remember changing this in my css preferences, but no clue on which/where this option is set. Anyway, this should be done automatically for dark mode and not something I would need to care about.

Since I’m here, I would also politely ask for the website login screen (like the forum) to be compatible with the dark reader extension. At the moment, opening the inkdrop login page still generate a white/flashy background even with the extension on.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Catalina
  • App Version: (5.2.1)


Open inkdrop -> window is open with white background. Color is change afterwards.
Open preferences -> ditto

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for the suggestion. That makes sense.
Will fix it in the next release.

Supporting dark mode on the website would be low-priority.

Fixed in v5.3.0-beta.1 just now :raised_hands: