Improve linking process between notes

Currently when you want to insert a note link (e.g. link from one note to another) the process is:

  • Right-click the note you want to link to (this switches the edit view to the note you just clicked)
  • Select “Copy note link”
  • Find the note you were editing
  • Find the place where you wanted to insert the link
  • Paste the note link

This flow is somewhat interrupting the editing process as you always have to go back to the note you were originally editing and search for the place where you want to insert the link. I see various ways of fixing this:

  1. Don’t switch the editor to the note you just right-clicked (Evernote does this in the Mac version but not in the Windows version, sigh).
  2. Allow to create note links by simply dragging a note from the sidebar into the current editor.
  3. Add some typeahead support for note links, e.g. when you type (some link)[ some autocomplete/typeahead thing opens that shows all the notes you have and filters them as you type the note title.
  4. Add a “insert note link” button to the toolbar where a dialog opens which you can use to select a note (this is how Confluence is doing it).

Hi derkork,

Sorry for the delay and thank you for the suggestion.
I think you are right, inserting note links are somewhat distracting and annoying.
I like the suggestion #1: Don’t switch the editor to the note you just right-clicked.

As I planned in the roadmap, I’m currently rebuilding the desktop app.
I will care about that!
Thanks again.

Hello !
Have there been changes since this post ? In particular with the typehead feature ? Can’t find informations about it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Enzo,

I think it can be accomplished by adding a Spotlight-like search bar/command palette support in the future.
For example, you can search notes and press Modifier key + Enter, then insert a link to the note to the currently editing note.

I’m currently working on refactoring the entire app and upgrading the core components.
Maybe I’ll be discussing it when planning the next roadmap.

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Ok interesting !
I was experimenting Markdown apps to prepare the next school year, I was using Notion during the last 2 years but that was not the best app for my note taking. I already knew Obsidian but I never took the time to really try it and sometimes I watch your YouTube Channel but this is only last week that I discovered than you developing a Markdown app. After doing some research It’s the 2 apps than I hold on. I prefer some features on Inkdrop than on Obsidian but I think the links is the biggest feature than I regret on Inkdrop. When I’m at school I need to do quick note so when I need to link note between her I need to do It fast, so process on Inkdrop is slow.
This is why regretfully I count more on Obsidian for next school year.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Enzo! I’ll keep improving the core features.



Sorry i’m so late to the conversation.

I wrote and have been using these two plugins to improve my workflow and the way notes reference others:

Hope this helps someone.

@craftzdog Since you mentioned planning to add a feature to insert internal note links from the editor in the future, I can retire my plugins or update them so they work well with the new feature.

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@picklecillo Whoa, you’ve created great plugins! They are what I’ve been wanting to implement :drooling_face: Thanks for sharing them!

Sure, I’ll let you know when the features are built-in :muscle:

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