Importing markdown files with images from Bear not working

Hi, I’m trying to migrate from Bear notes to Inkdrop but can’t figure out how to get Inkdrop to include local image files. Bear exports images linked from its Markdown notes as assets in a subdirectry. When importing the MD files into Inkdrop, is there any way to have it copy the linked local images into its database as well?

If that’s not possible, any workaround? I have almost 2,000 notes, many of which have locally stored images linked in them. Thanks!


  • Platform: MacOS, iOS, Linux
  • Platform version: Big Sur, Ubuntu/PopOS
  • App Version: 5.4.0

Hi Nils,

Thank you for the report.
Looks like there is a bug where it doesn’t work when you import notes with images from Bear because it encodes the image paths as URL. For example, it replaces whitespace with “%20”, which causes the issue.
I’ll fix it in the next release.

In v5.4.1, now it should work fine. Thanks again for reporting it.

From your email:

Thanks! That was quick.

With some notes I am getting an error message that the attachement is too big – what’s the file size limit for Inkdrop?

The file size limit is 10 MB.

Hi Takuya, most of the files that fail to import with a file-size error are only 2-3 MB in size. Maybe a bug?

Is there a technical reason for the 10 MB limit? Thanks.

Hi Nils,

That’s weird. The app should only check the file size and type.
Are they image files? It doesn’t support other file types.
If so, I need to reproduce it.
Would you mind providing me the note with the files to debug?