Images in HTML tag

Hi Takuya,

I needed resizing images in InkDrop and I found the html is a solution and it is working but when I turn of and turn on the app again I can see this error:

but when you copy of the image source (eg:inkdrop://file:A1Xmr8g82) and paste in original markdown image then automatically images are working again.

Does anyone use different resize options?

Hi Erdem,

Thank you for the report.
That’s because embedded images are loaded and cached as markdown renderer find ![image](inkdrop://***) but it does not check <img> tags.
In the new version, it renders images in the different way and I confirmed it works fine with img tags.
So please wait for the new version rolled out!

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Thank you for your response Takuya.

Great to hear.
I cannot wait to use the new version of the InkDrop.

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Sorry I forgot to update this topic, but it’s been resolved already!

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