Image Thumbnails in Sidebar

Similar to Evernote, see this image for example:

This is very useful to me for say listing React components to see overview of how they look like.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah it looks nice to have.
I’m working on the current roadmap right now, so it’ll be discussed when planning the next roadmap once finished.

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Hey Takuya, was thinking as well that if we can have the image thumbnails be programmable via plugins, it will open up really cool plugin implementations.

Like for example, we can program plugins that will automatically get thumbnails of “movies to watch” or “album art”, anime pictures from character names or even plugins that will automatically generate background image for tasks so they look distinct and ‘fresh’.

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Oh, that’s cool and yes, it’s possible with a plugin.
Here is an example of a custom note list view plugin:

All you have to do is put an image view on it :slight_smile:

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I will be really busy atm. so anyone who wants to take on making this plugin, feel free to do so, just comment here so I won’t try and duplicate the effort.

Otherwise, I’ll get on it once I get some more free time to hack around.