Image resizing syntax support

Hello Takuya,

As suggested/recommended by you, I am opening this new topic to help you keep track of a feature I know most of us will love to see in the future: Native image resizing within the app.
Whether it is hold down with our cursor from one corner to resize the image (like you would do on any Office application like Word, Apple Pages or Libre Office Writer) or perhaps giving us the option to manually resizing via syntax using pixels as reference; this feature would boost our productivity not to mention the chance of adding as many images as we want to our documentation.
I mentioned this before, but as a Technical Writer creator, I always prefer explaining things to the team using text and images, especially on instructions to solve common problems with the software we support.

Thanks in advance for your great work on the app! I look forward to see this feature added in the future.

Hi Guillermo,

First, Inkdrop tries its best to keep the full compatibility with GitHub-flavored Markdown.
To consider supporting resizing images in Markdown, that must be kept in mind so as not to break the compatibility.
However, GFM currently doesn’t support specifying the size of images, unfortunately.
It is easy to add a ‘proprietary’ syntax for resizing images, but it would be against the concept.
That’s why Inkdrop hasn’t supported admonitions/callouts until GFM officially supports Alerts.

My current idea to make it support resizing, I’m looking at how Discourse handles it:

![very good|512x397](//

It is a simple extension, which preserves compatibility.
But it is not standard.
I must be so careful to consider adding it because once it’s supported, there is no way to go back.

Instead of adopting a quick proprietary syntax, you can write HTML to specify the image size like so:

<img src="" width="48" />

Resize by Percentage:

<img src="" width="50%" height="50%">

Again, Inkdrop is not a rich-text note app, which has limitations for the sake of simplicity and portability.
I guess there should be a reason why GitHub still doesn’t support it.
Once they support it, I’d be happy to support it like Alerts.
That’s my honest current thoughts.

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I agree, it’s better to align with GitHub compatibility and sacrifice certain features for now so that we gain performance and stability.
I personally prefer knowing that something really works instead of breaking it to add multiple features that will crash things over and over.

So, let’s wait until GitHub supports something like resizing in a native way. In the meantime, your solution works for me and it’s enough.

Thanks again for your support!

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Thanks for your understanding!