Image drug and drop for iOS version application


This is a wonderful application and I enjoy it very much.

Can we consider to add one more feature for the iOS version of the application especially for iPados?

Normally I will use it to read and make notes on iPad and using split screen. Can you support the image drug and drop for application? That will be very easy for us to save images on iPad and will not need to use the macOS version.

The Notes application comes with the Pados is supporting this feature.

Thank you very much.

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Yeah, I agree, it would be nice to support.
Since it’s a cross-platform app, I should consider supporting it on Android as well.
It’ll be planned once I found a way to implement it for both platforms.

The dnd feature has been implemented in the mobile beta v5.
Check out this vlog:

You can join the beta testing from here:

Hope you like it