I want notes to always be created in a specified notebook

I want new notes to always be created in a specified notebook (in my case “_inbox”).

Currently, Inkdrop automatically sets the notebook and tags selected in the sidebar. This is convenient, but I often lose track of my notes, creating them in notebooks I did not intend.

Is it possible to make it always create in a specified notebook?

I like to quickly create a notebook, write my content, and later, move it myself from _inbox.


  • Platform: Windows 10 pro
  • Platform version: 2004 build 19041.746
  • App Version: 5.2.1

Hi avis,

Thank you for the question.
You have to define a custom command that creates a note in a specified notebook.
Here is how to create a note template, which would be helpful for your use-case:

Hope that helps.

Thanks to you I was able to create a new note from a template with ctrl-n.
Great information, Just as I expected!

By the way, how do I hook the command I added to the “Create Note” icon in the note list?

Unfortunately, overriding the button behavior is not possible, as it’s tightly bound in ReactJS.

I see, thanks for the answer.
I marked it solved.