I just started using it, but the screen suddenly crashed

Thank you for providing such wonderful software.

Actually, since I started using it, I have been trying to install various plugins. Suddenly, the screen became like the attached screenshot, and I am unable to use it anymore. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the software, but the same issue occurs. Restarting the OS (Windows) does not resolve the issue. It remains the same even when I launch it in ZIP file format.

The version of Inkdrop I am using is 5.6.2. Additionally, the operating system is Windows 10 Pro, and the version is 22H2, with updates applied as of January 6, 2024.
I tried creating and launching with a different account, but the screen is still distorted.

I am looking forward to an early release of a bug fix version, but in the meantime, if there are any workarounds, I would appreciate it if you could suggest them.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like to continue using this software going forward, so I kindly request your assistance in this matter.

this is probably due to the currently selected themes.

You can try these steps to see if they solve the problem. (If you have problems locating the correct config file - this will help you)

A fix is already planned for this bug.