I have a problem with my account

(Pascual Neftalí Chávez Campos) #1

Hi, I have a problem with my account.
pay for the service for one year but in my account it tells me that I am in a trial period.

Can somebody help me? or how can I get in touch with someone who can help me.


(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi Pascual,

Thank you for the report. That’s weird.
Could you tell me what did you do on Jan 30?
I guess you changed your plan from Annual to Monthly and then reverted it. That causes the issue.
Stripe needs to prorate your payment, but you already have a balance for unused time ($10.44).
In order to avoid a duplicate payment, Stripe automatically sets additional trial period when you changed the plan but you have a balance.

You are recognized as a paid user on Inkdrop, so you can ignore it.
Or do you have any problem on using the app?

(Pascual Neftalí Chávez Campos) #3

If in effect change the payment plan. But immediately change the date of the next payment. For that reason I changed it, but the date of the next payment did not change. So what should I do?

(Takuya Matsuyama) #4

Because you have changed your plan to monthly plan once last month.
Your balance is now $10.44 and it will be used in the next payment for your currently selected plan (annual), which will be charged at Mar 31.
This is the expected behavior.