How to solve the problem of missing text

I have been dealing with this issue for a month. I have found the cause and will share it with you all.
When I used Inkdrop on my Pixel 8 Pro, the text was missing.

Device : Pixel 8 Pro
OS : Android 14
App : v5.2.0

The reason is that the font was set to bold in the system settings.

Settings > Display > Display size and text > Bold text is off.

When set to a plain font, Inkdrop text will appear correctly.

Incidentally, the display of tags will also be improved.

Hope this helps someone :+1:

Thank you for letting us know, Daiki-san!
This is super interesting. I’ll look into if it could be solved from the app side :thinking:


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I noticed this setting after I migrated from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the Pixel 8 Pro.
The Inkdrop mobile app is easy to use. Thank you and I will be sure to check it out :blush:

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