How to navigate back/forward?

Hi, guys,

I appreciate the new features added on ver.5, but I don’t get the “Remember navigation state” one.
I mean, I don’t get when and how I can use the function.
I tried swiping on the note, since I use mac, after browsing around a few notes, but nothing happened.

Could anyone tell me about the feature ?


Hi Dscat,

Thank you for the question.
It is demonstrated in the documentation here:

Hope that helps!

Hi Takuya,

Thanks for the reply.
It helped a lot !
Actually, I looked for the manual, only to find that I’m pretty bad at finding what I look for :frowning:
By the way, this feature helps me so much, since I refer other notes frequently.

Thank you.

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Glad it helped :smiley: Enjoy!