How to modify Invoice text?

Hi there!

I want my invoice to be addressed to my company. Currently there is only my name and e-mail address on the invoice, but I need my full company name there. How can I achieve that?


Hi Sven,

Thank you for the question.
That was not possible but I’ve just added Description field to the account profile page so you can use your business name instead in receipts:

Hope that solves!

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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your support. I will check my next invoice and see if it fits my requirements.


You can download a PDF with custom business name from the link in your last receipt email. :wink:

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Awesome! That worked, thanks a lot. But I need to update you, about a little shortcoming. I’ve updated (and verified) my email address as well, but that doesn’t update in the invoice. Maybe it’s like you want it to act, but maybe it’s not intended?

I guess that’s because Stripe statically associates invoices with email addresses.
I tried to generate a PDF receipt but it has your previous email address.
I think it is to avoid abuses or something.
So, I’m afraid that it is not possible to change the billing email address of the past receipts later.

No worries about that, I just tried it. But my main concern was my missing company name and that has been solved. Thanks again, you can close this issue (if possible).

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