How to markdown a link to open a local folder path?

I searched but I don’t know how to mark down a link to open a folder path in windows. Please show me how to do it.
Thank you!

Hi Hai,

Thank you for the question.
Inkdrop doesn’t support linking to local files/folders at the moment.
But it’d be nice to support it. I’ll consider it in the future.

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Hi Takuya,
Thanks for your reply.
I am using the “paste-url” plugin which can paste title as well.

And I solved it by copying the local file/folder path into the browser and then I paste again into Inkdrop with that plugin (I modified the code a bit to be able to check and paste both web-link and file-path).

I hope Inkdrop will be able to paste web-link, file/folder-path in the future because I think we will not and click to access to everywhere we want.

Thank you!

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Hi, would you share your code change to enable pasting of local filepaths, so that they become clickable? Something like “[Local file](file:///C:/Users/…)” does not seem to work.