How to import notes, folders, and tags from Joplin

A while back I made the move from Evernote to Joplin. Since then I’ve been watching Inkdrop and wanted to give it a spin. However I’ve spent a fair amount of time organizing my Joplin notes with folders and tags. From what I can see, I can import markdown files with Inkdrop but not folders/tags. Is that correct? Or is there a way to import all of my joplin notes (including folders/tags) to inkdrop?

Ah, so it looks like the full version works slightly different than the beta. I was able to choose the root folder of my joplin exports and inkdrop did turn the sub-folders into notebooks. Tags are still absent but this was a good start.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the question.
Inkdrop doesn’t support importing notes from specific apps.
It’s too hard to support and maintain them for me alone.
So, I would rely on the community effort at the moment like import-quiver.
Maybe you can make one for Joplin based on that plugin and I’d be happy to provide you a plugin developer license :slight_smile: