How to do cross referencing


I am new to Inkdrop and I love it. :smile:
Sorry for my ignorance! I was wondering how can I refer to a note in another note.
There must be some syntax for that. Please help.

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Hi Tamoghna,

Thank you for the question.
You can copy an internal note link from the context menu like so:

You should get a code in clipboard something like:

[Set up another CouchDB server](inkdrop://note/YzY7nZZcn)
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Thank you very much!!
This works. Of course!! :slight_smile:
By the way, I also like the structure of this forum. Would you please write sometime about it on your blog? Please.

Also you should check out the great wikilinks plugin @Ryan_McQuen wrote and I helped with which works more like Obsidian so you don’t have to copy the links manually; it is the “one neat trick” Takuya doesn’t want you to know.


This one:

@ebigram did the hard stuff.