How to disable blinking of cursor

How to disable blinking of cursor

How can I disable the blinking behavior of the cursor?

I have the following macOS defaults configs to prevent cursors from blinking at the global level across the system, but Inkdrop is one of the few apps that doesn’t take affect from them.

$>defaults read -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriodOff
$>defaults read -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriodOn


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: 11.6.5 (20G527)
  • App Version: 5.5.0

It seems like the cursor for the “Syntax” field of the client app is the only cursor that my defaults configs aren’t taking affect.
Cursors for find in page, search & replace, and search note are all NOT blinking.

Hi Acekay,

You can use the following style tweak to disable the blinking of cursor:

.CodeMirror-focused div.CodeMirror-cursors {
  visibility: visible !important;
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That worked. Thank you!